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Generally speaking most home insurance plans have some coverage for landscaping, with certain conditions for it to be covered. Also these basic plans don’t cover insect or pest damage, and only cover to a certain percentage of the homes protection plan. For example while your home is covered for $400,000 your landscape might only be covered for $20,000. Some plans also have fixed payouts per damaged item or plant. Continuing our example if your landscape is covered for $20,000 then there might be a $1,000 cap for each item. Some plans might only cover the removal of damaged landscape; things like large trees might not get replaced and only removed from your property.

Some insurance agencies offer additional plans or endorsements for landscape coverage that is more all-inclusive or tailored to fit the client’s needs. It always pays to check what your plans covers or ask your agent what the best plan might be for should this situation arise.

In the event your properties landscape has been damaged by recent events, the first step is to make an itemized list of damages to the landscape. Landscape damage might be overlooked and ignored by your home insurance company, so it is important to get us involved so this does not happen to you. Contact an arborist to get an accurate estimate of the damage. Then contact The Claim Guide with this information so we can determine if it qualifies as a claim and how to get the most out of that claim.

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