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MAXIMUM settlement. SHORTEST time. LOWEST fee.

The Process

When you have Property Loss call The Claim Guide! The Problem: Did you know most residential owners suffering from property damage end up taking less of a payout than what they are entitled to? This typically happens due to insurance companies overlooking important details, the confusing/overwhelming nature of the claims process, and owners becoming eager to move forward with repairs. Let The Claim Guide be your solution!

Our Claim Guide experts are experienced in getting residents the maximum amount of money they deserve. Having years of success working with insurance companies, we find the details in the damage and handle the complex responsibilities of adjusting your claim. Not sure how it works? Check out The Claim Guide process below to see our steps in getting you a maximum return.


Step 1: Discuss The Loss

First we discuss the loss and learn where you are in the claim process. We will get an overview from you as to the scope of damages and the cause. At this point we will let you know if we think The Claim Guide can be of assistance.


Step 2: On-Site Inspection

We will then set up an on-site inspection where we will inspect the damage, and document the loss. The Claim Guide performs highly thorough inspections in and around problem areas, and searches find details that have been overlooked.


Step 3: How We Can Assist You

Next we discuss how we can assist you, and what fees are associated. Note that we work on a basis where our fee is success based, so if you don’t get paid you owe us nothing.

Step 4: Contact Insurance Company

We then contact the insurance company and employ tried and tested strategies to achieve the maximum settlement. In this step we completely take over the rest of the claims process on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with any of the hassle or confusion.

MAXIMUM settlement. SHORTEST time. LOWEST fee.
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