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When dealing with theft and vandalism cases, insurance claims can be a little bit more difficult than most due to the fact that they are very detailed and specific. Theft, however, is known to be a little more difficult to get coverage for from your insurance company. Vandalism to a home or business is usually covered by your insurance policy without any hassle.

In cases of vandalism, costs can start to add up quickly. When you start getting into detail of everything that was damaged, ruined, or stolen you start to realize how much money is involved. Coverage includes the vandalism itself and any damage caused from the act itself. If a brick is thrown through a glass window at your business and breaks a neon sign, cash register, glass display case or products, you are covered for all damages, not just the windows. If it was a business that was vandalized, you may be able to file a business interruption claim depending on the extent of the damage. The longer it takes for the claim to go through, the longer it is that your business is interrupted.

With cases of theft, it is a little bit different. Theft cases are a little bit more specific than vandalism cases because they need to be more documented. You cannot necessarily see theft like you can vandalism. If your home or business was harmed by theft we can help you file a theft claim and make sure that you receive the money from your insurance company.

If you have been a victim of theft or vandalism don’t wait to get the money you deserve. Whether it is a big or small claim for theft and vandalism, we are here to help you. Stop letting big insurance companies intimidate you and get what you deserve today!

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