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Reviewing your claim information is the first step to appealing a denial from the insurance company. A claim might have been filed wrong, questions might have been left unanswered or been answered in a way that left room for interpretation by the insurance company. The claim application might have been filled out incorrectly or the insurance adjuster might have missed something, either way making sure all the information is correct is always the first step.

If all the information is the claim it self is correct the next step is to review your policy. Reviewing you policy in detail means reading and making notes about any area that you think provides coverage for the damages and note any areas that are confusing or not very clear.

Now that the information is gathered there are a few to go about appealing a denial. The first way is to write a formal letter of complaint, second is to file for an appeal with the companies appealing process if one exists. The option I recommend the most is calling us here at the claim guide we have tons of experience reopening claims and getting the most out of each and every claim. Filing complaint letter or going through the appeal process may take months we here the claim guide know how to expedite the process.

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