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My wife called me at work and said there was extensive water damage through the house.

I’m over 60 I wasn’t about to try to do that myself. And I’ve heard of The Claim Guide. I’ve never used a public insurance adjuster before

I thought it was going to be minor damage, I thought would be a few thousand dollars and ended up being $10,000 / $11,000 worth of damage!

If I didn’t call my own insurance adjuster, I probably would have eaten it. They got me every penny that we were entitled to. And we had zero aggravation.

And I remember the last time I dealt with an insurance claim on my own, I actually felt as though I was asking them for something that I was entitled to. And that’s not a comfortable feeling.

So it was nice. It’s kind of like having a doctor or a lawyer, The Claim Guide took all the stress away from my wife and myself. We didn’t we weren’t concerned about any of the communication with the insurance company because they were our representative

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