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I was home one night, I was about to put my little girl to bed. And I heard this noise. I heard this like trickle of water and then it kind of sounded like a gushing of water. And then I realized it was coming from my basement which is a finished basement. And I walked down the stairs and sure enough water was just pouring in from the ceiling down the walls, just literally destroying my basement in front of my eyes, the carpet when you would step into it, just you know, you could see your footprints and your feet were completely so it was wet down there. There was so much moisture. It was just it was a mess.

My father in law said call your insurance company. You have to submit a claim immediately a water remediation company had to come out the drywall was down the ceilings were ripped out the walls were ripped out the carpet was up the padding was up I mean really like the basement was down to studs you don’t know you know a if you’re going to be able to repair it are you gonna have enough money like you don’t really know what the future holds and as in a situation like that.

I think it was like Four days into the process that an adjuster showed up at my house. I guess it’s like boilerplate answer was well, we’ll get back to you with an answer when I heard back from them with the amount that they were willing to pay beyond the deductible.

It was a few hundred dollars! like, like, like $400, which I mean, wasn’t even kind of begin to touch what I needed to repair the basement. I almost fell on my face and I just was ready to give up at that point. But I didn’t give up because I needed the basement repaired.

I googled, I started figuring out what my options were. The Claim Guide is one of the search results that I came across was one of the first things I saw, I contacted them so the next day I had someone from the Claim Guide at my house assessing the damage, they immediately took over everything. The part that was wonderful about it was that it was it was hands free on my part of stress free I didn’t have to do anything anymore. The best part about working with the Claim Guide is that they got me back Thousands and thousands of dollars.

So my insurance company gave me you know, the option of getting back I think it was like $435. The claim guide got me back thousands and thousands of dollars. And because they did, I didn’t have to spend a penny out of pocket, I redid my whole basement, I replaced all my property.

So without working with the Claim guide, I never would have been able to have my basement. The basement would be sitting there. studs, no drive all no carpet just as the water damage had left it. So I would just encourage everyone in my position to call the Claim Guide

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