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The most potential benefit can be gained the earlier a public adjuster is engaged in the process. Right after you experience property damage and contact your insurance company, contact a public adjuster. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage, how it occurred, and if there are other responsible parties involved. It helps to already have a public insurance adjuster at this point so you provide the right answers to the insurance company’s adjuster to receive the best claim.

However, if you are already past this point, called the fact-finding stage, a public insurance adjuster can still help you. The Claim Guide has even been successful in the past at renegotiating claims even after the settlement was paid by re-opening the claim. Accomplishments such as these are the reason The Claim Guide is the best public claims adjuster in Montgomery County, PA.  Remember, the longer you wait to involve a public insurance adjuster, the less benefit you will experience.

Benefits of Early Involvement

If you have a insurance claim and you involve a public adjuster early on, you can expect an evaluation of your existing insurance policies, and research into building and contents asset losses. Additionally, business interruption and additional business expense claims may be addressed. Everything will be prepared and documented so it can be used to negotiate a settlement in your behalf to ensure you are getting everything you are entitled to.

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