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Storms can damage your home or property in many ways. Just to name a few, wind can damage your roofing and siding, hail or debris can damage your siding and windows, water can seep through damaged roofing or siding and cause water damage. Particularly bad storms like hurricanes or tornadoes can cause your roof or building to completely collapse.  Living near the coast or bodies of water storms may cause waves or natural flooding damage. Lightning can cause fire damage or short out electrical components, via a power surge, within the house. Trees can be knocked over on the house causing structural damage and roofing damage. Storms can also damage landscaping such as patios or pools make sure those are covered as well. It is always a good idea to double check on what you are covered for in the event of a bad storm.

A public claims adjuster can get you the most out your claim to restore the damage to your home or properties. Even if an unsatisfactory claim has been closed with a public adjuster the claim could be reopened and adjusted for what you need. With the advent of spring storms upon us it is high season for claims because of storm damage. Storms can cause some of the trickiest claims to deal like lightning damage or wind damage claims. Our team has handled hundreds of storm related insurance claims from homeowners’ just like you. Don’t get stuck paying the bill – call the Claim Guide today.

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