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Bergenfield Public Adjuster

​The Claim Guide is a private insurance adjuster business in Bergenfield, Bergen County committed to obtaining you the optimum settlement you deserve. We help with both industrial and residential insurance claims. When you have accidental water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, windstorm damage or any damage that will be covered by your insurance provider, your ideal strategy of defense is to engage your very own public insurance adjuster. If your residential property or business suffered unanticipated damage, a private insurance claims adjuster, referred to as a public insurance adjuster, is your ideal alternative in getting the insurance settlement you deserve.

Have you received a low settlement estimate and you wish to reopen your residential property insurance claim? We can help you in reopening your insurance claim. The low offer you received is not your final settlement!

If you feel your home owners claim has actually been improperly rejected, it’s not too late! give us a call at (201) 800-6697 today!

We have decades of experience taking care of these claims. We will use our experience, resources to get you the damage settlement you deserve. Our results and reputation illustrate the sort of settlements our customers receive. We have recovered millions worth of residential property insurance and store claims.

Receive The Settlement You Are Entitled To.

Every loss is different and the Claim Guide manages every one with special attention. The Claim Guide Public Adjusters brings a network of trained and accredited experts to your side in a time of loss or damage to your residential property or local business. Our expert team can help,guide you with each step throughout the claims process. The Claim Guide will take the worry and pressure of claims filings, documenting, investigating, and assessing all elements related to your loss. You can rest assured that every little thing is done appropriately to get your residential property or local business settlement. Do not get underpaid by your insurance provider! Call us Today, your public insurance adjuster. (201) 800-6697

Covid-19 business interruption Claims in Bergenfield

Has your firm been extremely devastated as a consequence of the Coronavirus? Have you already received a refusal or reservation of rights letter from your insurance provider? Even if you have already been refused or told that your business income insurance coverage will not cover your losses, do not quit. We have been effective in defending firm owners in firm income insurance claims. Your firm interruption coverage safeguards you from specific situations that have impacted so numerous American firm owners as a result of Coronavirus. Are you struggling to stay alive and yet your income and sales are significantly lessened? You do not deserve to have your insurance provider trying to refuse your case so quickly. You must safeguard yourself with an expert firm like Claim Guide Adjusters. We have a full forensic accounting organization to maximize your extra expense coverage. You can pay attention to taking care of your firm, while we defend every cent you are entitled to.

Have you been told that your Coronavirus business interruption Claims is not covered? Call (201) 800-6697! We are experts in winning Business Income Insurance Claims. 

Restaurant business insurance may or may not be covered during the coronavirus pandemic

Are you concerned that your restaurant business insurance coverage may or may not cover your losses as a result of the Coronavirus quarantine? Do you have a company that has been identified non-essential and you are at risk of going bankrupt? You may have rights and privileges that are owed to you if you have a business owner’s policy.

Call (201) 800-6697 if you have been denied for your Coronavirus business interruption Claims in Bergenfield.  We are experts in handling Loss of Business income Claims.

Claim Guide Adjusters’s professionals are happy to service in Bergen County New Jersey . Also the surrounding neighborhoods including the following cities:
Dumont, New Milford, Tenafly, Cresskill, River Edge, Haworth, Teaneck, Demarest, Englewood, Oradell, Closter, Emerson, Englewood Cliffs, Hackensack, Maywood

If you do not see your city on the list, please do not hesitate to call : (201) 800-6697

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Some of the commercial clients we've helped with  damage settlements.

Mike and his team guided my family through the process after we lost everything we owned in a fire. I cannot count how many items Mike and his staff had photos that my wife, my son and I forgot to put on our list. If we had not hired Claim Guide I know we would’ve lost thousands of dollars. I would recommend to anyone who would ever need an adjuster to not hesitate to call Claim Guide. They are very good.

James H.

Mike is great! He likes to fight for the consumers. He accepted our case and got us $12K more so that we can have all the repairs done. Mike is always responsive and answers questions promptly. I don’t wish to have another house accident, but I would call him first if anything happens again!

Qin J.

Claim Guide Public Adjusters were wonderful. They helped me to understand what I was entitled to and they fought for me. They are extremely knowledgeable and made me feel that I was ‘in good hands’. I would highly recommend that you contact them – even before you call your insurance company.

Arline D.





The Breakdown

With a public adjuster
Without a public adjuster

Source: OPPAGA analysis. Data refers to the median (50th percentile or typical) payment.

We can get you out of this!

We have a network of specialists for emergency response.
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The Claim Guide has skillfully aided countless home owners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland as well as numerous others settle their insurance cases and recover all the funds rightfully owed to them.

Water Damage

Broken pipes and leaky faucets can cause hidden damages inside your home that insurance companies might overlook. Mold can grow in areas that are missed.

Claim Guide will make sure that you get the maximum amount of money based on the damage and what is owed to you from your insurance company.
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Tree Fall

Wind damage claims are usually caused from windstorms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. A lot of insurance companies will make excuses to avoid paying for roof, shingle, siding, garage door, landscaping and window damage. Most residential and business owners end up taking less than what they are entitled to because they are in a rush to move forward with repairs. That’s where a public adjuster comes in.
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Fire Damage

As public adjusters, our job is to help you through the insurance part of any stressful events involving fire damage; whether it was a room fire or your home was completely burnt-out. We will make sure that you get the maximum amount of money that is owed to you from your insurance company.
Report a Fire Damage Claim Now >

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can occur from a fire or a puff-back, which can turn your home into a dangerous place to live in no time. Smoke damage is something that you may not even see, and it could still be creating a very dangerous condition. The costs to repair smoke damage can be in the thousands of dollars, and having Claim Guide on your side can help you get the maximum amount of money.
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Theft claims are very detailed and specific. We can help you file a theft claim and make sure that you receive the money from your insurance company.

Business owners are most often hurt by downtime that is caused by theft of computer equipment and phone equipment. We can help you get full compensation for everything that you had coverage on.

When your home or business is vandalized you are usually covered by your insurance policy. Coverage includes the vandalism itself and any damage caused from the act itself. If a vandal throws a brick through a plate glass window at your business and breaks a neon sign, cash register, glass display case or products, you are covered for all damages, not just the windows. We can help you file a new claim or supplemental claim on missed damage.


Report a Theft or Vandalism Claim Now >

Plumbing Leak

Broken pipes and leaky faucets can cause hidden damages inside your home that insurance companies might overlook. Mold can grow in areas that are missed.


Claim Guide will make sure that you get the maximum amount of money based on the damage and what is owed to you from your insurance company.
Report a Water Damage Claim Now >

Roof Leak

When you have hurricane or storm damage from severe wind and rain, the interior of your home can become damaged.

It’s important to hire an expert to represent the exterior and interior damages.
Report a Storm Damage Claim Now >

Floor Damage

Broken pipes and leaky faucets can cause damage to your hardwood floor, laminate foor, pergo flooring that many companies might overlook.

Many times, your flooring material is already discontinued and the repair will be more expensive that your insurance company is willing to offer

Claim Guide will make sure that you get the maximum amount of money based on the damage and what is owed to you from your insurance company.
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Do I require the services of a Public Adjuster?

Many people begin an insurance claim by calling their insurance agent and giving them all the info needed. In most cases, their first step should really be to call a public insurance adjuster. Unlike working the adjuster appointed by the insurance carrier, the public insurance adjuster works for you, the insurance policy holder.

Because the determination of the worth of the loss hinges on the claims adjuster who is a staff member or contractor of the insurance provider, it may be the best plan of action to have someone experienced in your corner. Many people do not know that public insurance adjusters even exist and would certainly not know to engage one after a residential property damage claim.

Submitting an Insurance Claim

When you experience severe damage to your residence or company, you may find yourself in a place where you need to submit an insurance claim. Whenever there is an insurance claim to be made, there is a good chance you are mosting likely to be dealing with an insurance claims adjuster contracted by by your insurance provider to evaluate the damage and estimate what needs to be paid.

Although filing an insurance claim can be challenging and can potentially raise your insurance premium for the future, when it comes to serious damage, many policyholders will choose to file a claim rather than take on the entire financial burden of the loss themselves.

3 Types of Claims Adjusters

First, and most typical type of adjuster is a company insurance adjuster– additionally known as a staff adjuster. They are a staff member of the insurance provider. This sort of insurance claims adjuster is the one many people would certainly be dealing with for their insurance claims. Because they are staff members of the insurance provider, they may try to do their best to help you, but they have a financial obligation to their company who signs their paychecks, which doesn’t always make it easy to be fair with you.

In some cases, the insurance provider may not even choose to send out an adjuster out to take a look at the damage and simply ask you to take photos and submit them digitally. Also, the insurance provider may ask you to gather 3 quotes and simply turn them in. Now you have to spend days and hours waiting for appointments from contractors, who are only estimating what they think they can get you to spend. Free quotes are usually not based in what you are entitled to as a policy holder. After that when you submit 3 quotes, the insurance provider will only take the lowest of the 3 anyhow.

An independent insurance adjuster is a contractor that the insurance provider pays to manage the case. In some cases when an insurer has a high quantity of cases– like after a weather event– they do not have enough staff insurance adjusters to cover the location. Insurance companies will employ independent insurance adjusters from outside of the impacted region to take handle of claims for their policyholders. An independent insurance adjuster is also accountable to the insurance provider who has contracted them. They have factors to consider for future jobs from the insurance provider, so they may have to evaluate out the pros and cons of paying you what you are entitled to. Also, often times independent insurance adjusters are really occupied and they do not have enough time or energy to correctly evaluate your damage. They are under pressure to hurry your case and submit an insufficient damage negotiation.

The 3rd sort of insurance adjuster, the public insurance adjuster, benefits the insurance holder. The general public insurance adjuster is an independent and accredited insurance adjuster, hired by the insurance holder, and works with you throughout the insurance claims process.

Public insurance adjusters are required to be accredited in New Jersey. There is no conflict of interest for the public adjuster. They only work for the homeowner’s benefit and have no fiduciary obligation to your insurance provider.

The Public Insurance Adjusters at The Claim Guide have become the most reputable public insurance adjusters in Bergenfield. The Public Insurance Adjusters that work for The Claim Guide are all licensed and fully certified, working solely for home and business owners.

The Claim Guide is happy to help. Give us a call today to get started with your  property claim. (610) 265-1235

We have numerous happy residential customers in Bergenfield and the surrounding cities like: Dumont, New Milford, Tenafly, Cresskill, River Edge, Haworth, Teaneck, Demarest, Englewood, Oradell, Closter, Emerson, Englewood Cliffs, Hackensack, Maywood
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