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Property Types


Did you know most residential owners suffering from property damage end up taking less of a payout than what they are entitled to? This typically happens due to insurance companies overlooking important details, the confusing/overwhelming nature of the claims process, and owners becoming eager to move forward with repairs.

When your home burns, is flooded, harmed by wind damage or whatever the cause it is advisable to enlist an experienced professional to assist you in navigating the claims process. The Claim Guide has extensive knowledge handling damages of all types. There have been many residential claims brought to our attention in the Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Chester County areas that have lead us to have high success with residential property claims. We are available to assist you with the property documentation, pricing and claims submission. In addition we will also assist with contents inventory and with claiming your needs for temporary housing while repairs are being made.

Our Claim Guide experts are experienced in getting residents the maximum amount of money they deserve. Having years of success working with insurance companies, we find the details in the damage and handle the complex responsibilities of adjusting your claim.
Not sure how it works? Review The Claim Guide Process to see our steps in getting you a maximum return.

Let The Claim Guide get you the maximum return on your insurance claim! See how we can help. Call (610) 557-8782 today for a free inspection and policy examination from our Public Adjusters.


Business Interruption Claim

When your business suffers a loss it can sometimes prevent normal operations. This can cause loss of profits as well as continued expenses to pay employees and overhead while your business is not routinely operating. This type of coverage is called business interruption and many times involves complicated circumstances that affect how your claim is treated. The Claim Guide has extensive experience handling property damage and claims that affect a business’s ability to function after a loss. We will first review your claim to evaluate whether your business has coverage for this, if your loss meets the conditions to collect under the loss and what the considerations are regarding the limits available to your business during this time.


The Claim Guide are Commercial Claims Experts! We have extensive knowledge in the commercial loss claims process and vast experience in resolving even the most complicated of claims. Whether it be a small store front, office building or factory, our experts have the experience to accurately assess your damages and negotiate a satisfactory claim for your business or property.

Facts about Property Insurance Claims
Commercial Property Owner:
If your commercial property has suffered a loss large or small, contact us for a free consultation. Commercial losses can be complex, and without expert assistance it is likely your claim will be paid far less than it could be with a licensed public adjuster from The Claim Guide on your side. Keep in mind The Claim Guide offers a free claim review service.

Property Management Company:
When you manage the property of others it is important to get the best settlements on insurance claims. We offer both claim review services as well as new claim management services with no upfront costs. The Claim Guide will also make sure that our successful settlements contribute to restoring your properties.

Bank Owned Property:
Often banks rely on the insurance company to provide fair settlements on the thousands of claims happening each year. We offer both claim review and new claim management services, which can substantially protect your interest.

MAXIMUM settlement. SHORTEST time. LOWEST fee.

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