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New Claims

claim help: new claimsHave you had an insurance loss in the last year and have not yet filed an insurance claim? Give us a call today for your free consultation. We’ll discuss the claim with you, and whether it makes sense to use our services. We may also decide it’s best to come to the property and do an inspection of the loss, which is also free.

Mistakes homeowners make when reporting claims themselves:

  • They don’t understand the cause of the loss, so it gets misreported and denied.
  • They fail to recognize the total scope of the loss, and get underpaid.
  • They don’t document the loss properly and get underpaid.
  • They rely on contractors who are unskilled in insurance documentation, leading to underpayment or denial.
  • They fail to understand their obligations under the insurance policy, leading to denial.

Homeowners who use The Claim Guide from the beginning find they typically get larger settlements and get paid quickly. Get peace of mind, and call us today!

Let The Claim Guide get you the maximum return on your insurance claim! See how we can help.

To start a new claim, call (610) 557-8782 today for a free inspection and policy examination from our Public Adjusters.

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