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In most cases whether mold damage is covered or not is all up to the source of the water damage that caused it. Although flood insurance is not normally packaged with regular home owners insurance if you have a separate plan for flood then you would be covered for the mold damage caused by it. If it was anything like a storm, leaking roof, maybe a busted pipe you might be covered under a regular home owners insurance for the mold damage following any such event.

Some ways help prevent mold in your home:
  • Keep the humidity low(30%-60%)if you have a humidifier
  • Maintain your ventilation systems
  • Routinely check sources of moisture areas (around pipes, or appliances that use water)
Checking for mold in your home:
  • Check for musty smells
  • Check area around your home for slimy feeling surfaces
  • Check pillows for spores by hitting them with a rigid object

What to do when mold is discovered in your home. Always check your policy first, if find any areas where you think provides you coverage make note of it. Then call us at the claim guide for help getting the most out of your claim.
There is usually a cap monetary limit for mold damage per event. Check with your home insurance to find out more.

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