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It may come as a surprise to many, but of all the home and business insurance claims filed in Pennsylvania lightning is the most common. Even though they are the most common, they are still one of the most difficult. Most insurance policyholders don’t know what is covered and how much they should get for their damaged computers, home appliances, electronics, phones, business equipment, servers, etc. Public adjusters are necessary for receiving the maximum amount for your insurance claim.

Lightning strikes can cause serious damage, and can often affect home’s structure or cause a fire. Damages from lightening can also occur to your home, without the lightning directly hitting your house. For instance, when lightning hits a neighbor’s tree and it crashes on your property you should receive compensation for the damages. There can be a range of problems to this type of claim however. Not only are your walls, roof and attic damaged, but water could get into your walls, electrical wiring, home structure, and so much more.

Think of lightning strikes as having the same effect as a power surge. Lightning strikes send energy into phone lines, cable, electrical wires, and even plumbing. Power surges of this strength can cause serious problems. Don’t let insurance companies give you less money than you deserve when lightning damages your home. Call The Claim Guide today to get help getting the money you deserve.

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