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Chester County, PA Public Insurance Adjusters

Public Insurance Adjustment on Tree Damage to house

When you need help dealing with a home insurance claim, The Claim Guide is your Chester County, PA Public Insurance Adjuster. Whether it be fire damage, wind damage, storm damage, water damage, or anything else we can help you!

All of the experts that work here at The Claim Guide professionally licensed, and work solely for the home and business owners throughout Chester County, PA. When you think you are owed more than you are getting from the insurance company for damages to your home or business, call us. We ensure that all of our clients get every dollar that they deserve under their insurance policy.

At The Claim Guide we offer help for just about any type of claim:

If you have had some form of insurance loss over the last year and are thinking about filing a new insurance claim, call us. We will meet with you to discuss your (possible) claim, and whether or not it makes sense for you to use our services. We may also decide to come to your Chester County, PA home or business to inspect the losses. Both the first consultation as well as the inspection of loss are both free!

If you have a previously existing claim The Claim Guide can step in and take over at any point. Many people have filed a claim but they are unsure how to respond to what the insurance companies follow with. We are happy to take it over for you so that you are sure that you are getting what you deserve, and not getting caught up in the process.

While each state has different laws regarding reopening claims, specific state laws allow you to reopen a claim if you were not fully/rightfully compensated. The Claim Guide only receives payment if we find areas of underpayment, items that were left out of your insurance settlement, or both. We want to be sure we can help you before you put any more money out.

Calling the Public Adjusters at The Claim Guide when you have a rejected claim is always beneficial to you. We’ve reviewed numerous insurance rejected claim denials and found coverage for many clients. We will work with you to do the best we possibly can to get you covered.

The Claim Guide has successfully helped a countless number of homeowners throughout Chester County, PA settle their insurance claims and recover all the funds rightfully owed to them. Claim Guide members all agree that with our assistance you can be sure that your insurance claim will properly be filed, documented, inspected, researched, and negotiated on your behalf.

At The Claim Guide, we work with a number of different properties including residential and commercial so that we are here to help you regardless of what your situation is. Our team of experts will go through this process with you so that you know everything that is going on. If you have a home or business in Chester County, PA that has had some type of damage done to it and you need professional help, give The Claim Guide a call.

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Our Public Adjusters Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

The Claim Guide’s Public Adjusters only get paid on percentages of the type of claims you may have. We do not charge by the hour. We’re here to help you; we make sure our clients are satisfied.