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Another successful victory by The Claim Guide

Another successful victory by The Claim Guide

The Claim Guide Public adjusters are licensed public adjusters in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. Our team has handled hundreds of homeowners’ insurance claims. Our field adjusters have worked directly for most insurance companies that write policies in the areas we serve. We understand the insurance policies and what the maximum payable amounts are under each policy. We also understand the individual insurance companies so that we know how to use the right process to get that maximum settlement as quickly as possible. This combination is what leads to our outstanding track record with large settlements and happy customers.


Don’t let insurance companies win.

We are Insurance Claim Experts. Let The Claim Guide get you the maximum return on your claim! We ensure complete customer satisfaction guaranteed so you know you are getting the best. Get started working with The Claim Guide today by calling (610) 557-8782 to see if we can help you with your homeowner’s claim; the call is free, the consultation is free and the inspection is free! We look forward to working with you!

How can The Claim Guide increase my Insurance Settlement?

The best way to understand the answer to this question is to understand how claims get underpaid. Here are some of the ways:

  • The cause of the claim was misreported
  • The extent of the damage was not documented
  • The insurance carrier thinks the cause of loss is not covered
  • The customer gets estimates to fix something less than what is covered, carrier pays the invoice
  • Customer does not request items that are covered
  • Endorsements are not applied appropriately to the loss
  • Interpretation of policy “grey areas” left completely to the insurance company adjuster
  • Business income not presented properly due to incorrect forecasts or lack of reliable statements
  • Betterments and improvements left out of the insurance estimate
  • Repairs occurring prior to insurance inspection not properly documented

Our experts navigate the claim and ensure that these pitfalls do not occur. We are experts in the policies issued by the insurance companies. When you have the The Claim Guide on your side we make sure the settlement amount you receive is the amount you are owed under the policy.

Graph from the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability
The Claim Guide is knowledgeable and experienced in the worlds of property damage, code requirements, law changes and insurance policies. If you think that you need help handling your insurance claim, the experts at The Claim Guide are the best in the business.
MAXIMUM settlement. SHORTEST time. LOWEST fee.
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