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Newton, PA Public Insurance Adjusters

The Claim Guide has become one of the most competitive and most reputable public insurance adjusters in the Newtown, PA area. The Public Insurance Adjusters that work for The Claim Guide are all licensed and fully certified professionals, making us the best in the business.

When you choose to work with the certified public adjusters at The Claim Guide, we don’t get paid unless you do! First and foremost, we ensure that our clients are satisfied and get what they deserve. It is only after that time that we get paid. We do not charge by the hour. Whether it be smoke damage, water or flood damage, fire damage, theft or vandalism or any other type of damage you can think of to your home or business The Claim Guide can help you with it all. Unfortunately more often than not, many Newtown home and business owners experience property damages but are not fully compensated by their insurance companies. Dealing with larger insurance companies in these types of situations can be intimidating and stressful, which is often times why home and business owners affected by the damages may not actually push for the compensation that they deserve. At The Claim Guide, we understand this problem which is why our expert public adjusters are more than happy to deal with these big insurance companies for you. We are here to help you!

Unfortunately when a representative from your insurance company comes out to your Newtown, PA home or business they often miss hidden damages to your home. This can mean that there are damages to your home or business that are going unnoticed, which can cause problems for you further down the line. When you hire the expert public adjusters at The Claim Guide, we will complete a full inspection of your Newtown, PA home or business so that nothing goes unnoticed and you won’t have to deal with other complications down the road. If your insurance company misses something, you can be sure that we will find it. We understand that you only want to have to go through the claims process once and that is why our highly trained professionals will get it right the first time around. If you have filed a claim and think that your insurance company may have missed hidden damages when performing your inspection give us a call today so we can get started helping you.

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