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Client Testimonials

Mike and his team guided my family through the process after we lost everything we owned in a fire. I cannot count how many items Mike and his staff had photos that my wife, my son and I forgot to put on our list. If we had not hired Claim Guide I know we would’ve lost thousands of dollars. I would recommend to anyone who would ever need an adjuster to not hesitate to call Claim Guide. They are very good.

James H.

Mike is great! He likes to fight for the consumers. He accepted our case and got us $12K more so that we can have all the repairs done. Mike is always responsive and answers questions promptly. I don’t wish to have another house accident, but I would call him first if anything happens again!

Qin J.

Claim Guide Public Adjusters were wonderful. They helped me to understand what I was entitled to and they fought for me. They are extremely knowledgeable and made me feel that I was ‘in good hands’. I would highly recommend that you contact them – even before you call your insurance company.

Arline D.

After Hurricane Sandy I contacted a few Public Adjusters and went with Claim Guide because of their professionalism and immediate insight into the complexities of dealing with insurance companies. Within six weeks we received another check that more than doubled the amount that they originally offered. I highly recommend Claim Guide to anyone who may have an insurance claim issue.

David D.

Who is Claim Guide, and What Do They Do?

Claim Guide Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed professionals who work solely for the home and business owners. The Claim Guide ensures that its clients receive every dollar that they are rightfully owed under their insurance policy.

The Claim Guide has successfully helped a countless number of homeowners in Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and many others settle their insurance claims and recover all the funds rightfully owed to them. Claim Guide members all agree that with our assistance you can be sure that your insurance claim will properly be filed, documented, inspected, researched, and negotiated on your behalf.

Every loss is different and Claim Guide treats each one individually. The Claim Guide Public Adjusters bring a network of trained and licensed professionals to your side in a time of loss or damage to your home or business. Our team can help guide and assist you through each step during the burdensome claims process. Claim Guide will take the burden and pressure of claims filings, documenting, researching, and evaluating all aspects related to your loss so you can rest assure that everything is done correctly to get your home or business back immediately. Don’t be intimidated by large insurance companies – call us, your public insurance adjuster, today!

Client Testimonials





The Breakdown

With a public adjuster
Without a public adjuster

Source: OPPAGA analysis. Data refers to the median (50th percentile or typical) payment.

Our Public Adjusters Don’t Get Paid Unless You Get Paid

The Claim Guide’s Public Adjusters only get paid on percentages of the type of claims you may have. We do not charge by the hour. We’re here to help you; we make sure our clients are satisfied.

MAXIMUM settlement. SHORTEST time. LOWEST fee.